Ollie's Birthday

spent the morning in bed with the window open beside us. fresh cold air & warm sunlight & nothing to do except just be present, together. we discussed leaving for bagels, but decided against having to get dressed before it was entirely necessary. so we reheated the fajita steak from grey’s birthday dinner at pappasitos last night & had it with eggs & black coffee.
we spent the afternoon celebrating people. first, Mia & her future with Stephen. then, Ollie Claire’s first full year of life.
I wondered why people celebrated 1st birthdays. it’s always seemed unnecessary to me. babies won’t remember 1st birthday parties. but, today, with people who love Ollie so dearly all in one home, with pretty decor, food, drinks, gifts that were wrapped with care, it became clear, and now I’m wondering why I’ve ever questioned it. we celebrate because we need to, every opportunity we can. what a gift it is to be loved, to be celebrated. why not throw a party? why not make things beautiful? Matthias & I do this anyway as often as we can for little life things, why in my head was I making an exception in my head for babies? today wasn’t just about Ollie, it was coming together and celebrating the gift of a family, the gift of love.
how lucky we are.