Pre-baby Sundays

not that you can tell the color here, but Matthias is in his bright red, big comfy robe & this afternoons photo always remind me our cozy, slow sundays.
today: felt so rested with that extra hour of sleep! church, lunch alone, shopping (he bought me the prettiest fall bouquet!), I napped while he spent time in this so-very-rare-perfect weather on the back porch with Byron & a book. we made a THM dinner, the sweet & sour chicken (E) meal. yummy! but I didn’t like the glucomannan... going to try it again later with xantham gum, which was the original recommendation in the recipe, I just didn’t have any.
we’re still in our pre-baby days & everything is... well, easy. (even when it’s hard, because there are hard days too. a lot of them recently.) but really, we sleep when we want, eat when we want, do what we want. that’s easy. I don’t know *how* different life with just one child will be, but I know we want lots of kids, & that this is just the start, & that having a family is totally different than it just being the two of us, but we’re ready for it all. ready for our lives to be turned upside down 🙂 I bet we’ll hang on to our sunday nap tradition.