One Year

8:20pm and we’re already in bed, his head in my lap while he cuddles Byron who is getting cozy with us. I’m drinking a decaf coffee with cream, because pregnancy has changed me that much. It’s Wednesday, so: family dinner night. Maybe we should rename it to community dinner or something, because we always have other guests join us. It’s part of the fun at the Frost’s.
I didn’t sleep last night. I felt like I was up every hour. And even when I was laying down, the dreams I was having were so vivid I felt exhausted this morning. I ended up napping from 8am-10am & slept soo so well then. I’ve been telling myself to enjoy the sleeping when I can, because I don’t know how much I’ll get when our little love gets here. It helps with my guilt surrounding sleep. There’s just so much I want to do!
We’re signing our lease this week. Yay! I’m looking forward to the next step.
It’s been a temptation to tell myself I’ll *really* be back to things (my Young Living business, mainly) when life is more settled and we’re in the new place. That it will all be easier when we’re in our home again, not living with his parents. I spent the first couple weeks here recovering from the trauma/suddenness of leaving our perfect home in Conroe and everything surrounding Byron’s healing. But I am SO glad I haven’t wasted the last 10 weeks. I’m glad I didn’t wait for life to be easier or settled to get up and do the damn work. I have the most amazing community of people to work alongside & their support, their dreams & the hard work they all put in fuels me and inspires me daily. I love my Young Living family and I’m grateful for work I have been able to do through the hardest season in our marriage. Life is hard, but being without a purpose is harder. I am grateful to be so fully grounded in my purpose. This month marks one year from the time I decided I wanted to do this and it’s giving me all the happiest feelings.