Hurry up, wait

tired. so. tired. hurry up, wait. “it’s always 10pm” he said tonight. it does feel that way. at least right now. we’re worn out. we wouldn’t change anything about where God has us in this season, but I will cry about it sometimes, like tonight. and that’s okay, I will be okay with that. it won’t always be like this. 

I took our photo selfie style in the mirror tonight with Matthias petting Byron (who you can barely see) in the background. real. life. and thats what I’ve been wanting to capture with these. 

right after taking the photo, I laid down to just chat with him. it’s nice to have someone to reliably confide in. and I realized in that moment laying with him, *that* was our moment today. that should be our photo. right there. as we were. exhausted beyond exhaustion, together. cozy. I am so glad my camera was already out. I’m so grateful for the gift of this moment documented forever.