35 Days of Portraits

35 days in with these daily portraits & I’m finding myself endlessly inspired. I look forward to more. It feels like we’ve been doing this forever. It also feels like we have barely started at all. Maybe we’ll just never stop. (I know that isn’t true, don’t worry.)
I haven’t planned ahead on what we’ll be shooting daily; we see where we’re at & what is going on/seems appropriate, and just roll with it. Some days since we’ve started we’ve had less than two hours together in all of twenty-four, but grabbing our quick portrait and having something to look at & keep that’s ours, all ours, gives us (me) something to cherish from the day anyway. I love this project and am so grateful for a husband kind enough to do it with me. When it’s late, like tonight, when I pulled in after 9pm from an out of town session, he is the one to grab the gear, set it up, and tell me he’s ready. “What do you want to do?” I tell him often, but I don’t know if he really understands how much gratitude I have for his happy participation in something that brings me so much joy.
Walking around the Cole’s last night was my reminder to be thoughtful with printing our portraits. I am so inspired walking through their halls, seeing Shona’s work (mostly of her children). I spent my drive time this afternoon & evening dreaming of what I imagine hanging in our home, & it’s not all perfect, smiley, well lit portraits. I dream of mystery & intimacy and black & whites that will forever have us reminiscing about being in our 20s, pre-kids, with eyes just for each other & the vows to match.