Taking Time

Dedicated 9 hours yesterday to getting to Austin & clearing out the master bedroom & closet for Papa Norman. He doesn’t stay in the master bedroom any longer & cleaning out Nana’s things needed to be delegated out, so Mom & I made a day of it. We were up early to get on the road with Caden, Halle, & Ella (my three youngest siblings).

For nearly all six hours in the car, we listened to When Life Gives You Pears by Jeannie Gaffigan. I’ve been recommending it sort of non-stop since I began it last week, so it was fun to trap some of my family in a car and make them listen with me! They all LOVED it. Please go get a copy or ask me why you should read it (or listen to it) so I can talk about it some more. 😉


when I crawled into bed last night, even as exhausted as I was, I couldn’t stop thinking about how grateful I am for my life. My parents taught me early on to design the life I wanted. They didn’t just want me & the other Bonin kiddos (the other 10!🤣) to take what life would give us. If we wanted something better, they wanted us to make it for ourselves. Be independent, work your butt off, accept responsibility for your actions, if you want something, get it yourself, because life owes you nothinggg.

Because of what they taught me, I’ve built a life around the schedule and dreams I have. I was able to spend my time doing exactly what was needed yesterday, because I don’t have a regular boss or office to report to. I work for myself. I have the freedom to NOT do my work stuff and go be the granddaughter I need to be because this is the life I chose.

Working from my laptop & on the schedule I need & want gives me SO MUCH LIFE. I have worked with many photographers over the years showing them how I built my six figure business and what it looks like to be a disciplined business owner and artist. And I STILL love talking about all of that. Heck, I spent THIS morning mentoring someone in photography.

But my heart has shifted so much in the last year. I don’t just want to work with artists who happen to have a a good eye. I want to work with anyone who has the discipline to do the work, anyone who wants to tell fear to go to hell so they can design their own life.

I am proud to be an oils-slinger (😉) with Young Living. I am so grateful to work when I want & from wherever I want - just like with photography, but without all the weekends away from Matthias.

Not everyone is made to work for themselves, but some are. The ones who want freedom & will do the work to earn it, the ones who have fear, but choose to fight it anyway so they can have something better than they have right now. SOME people are made to work for themselves and that can happen in any number of fields and I will cheer you on in whatever yours is!

If you want to build a business with YL, I want to help you. It would be my honor to help you design your life. 🖤 You just have to be willing to do the work.

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