A White Christmas First Look in Evergreen, Colorado

I have NEVER been more crazy about posting images of a couple.

My brother married a PRINCESS today. After their nearly-five years of dating we are so excited to finally have Hannah Joy as a sister.  

oh guys, the way he looks at her, the tenderness in his voice, the smile in his eyes. they are a match made in heaven.   when it was time for Ethan to stay and wait for Hannah Joy to arrive for the first look, he nervously asked me how to respond when he would first see her. I reassured him, just be natural.

"well.... can I please pick her up?" (melttttt)

they are MARRIED!!!! and, with gratitude, as maid of honor, sister, friend, and photographer for the first-look ..... here in this little space of love, are the images of beautiful Hannah Joy being revealed to her darling on the wedding day of their dreams. 

muah muah muah, 

(ps. if you missed it, photos from the rehearsal are in my personal blog space rightttt here)