Madeleine Frost Bio

I hope that when people visit my space here, whether or not a word is read, they leave with a feeling. 

If the people who come here leave with even a little more awareness & gratefulness for the beauty of messy, intimate, wonderful, & at times full of hardships life, that would be more than I could ask for.

pieces from my 2013 self-portrait series >>

[full set on flickr]

Hey there, I'm Madeleine.

I'm a 25 year old in Texas with an exuberant love for life, people & photographs.

I recently married (October the 25th of 2015) and it was THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. (I can't stop swooning over this man.) We had our elopement filmed and you should watch it, because, well... love. <3 

 I'm the second oldest, first girl of 11 kids. (no, not catholic. no, not mormon.)  I’m a big city dreamer with strong convictions. I’m crazy in love with love. my nights are late; my coffee is black, and my journals are consistently written in. I appreciate grainy breads, barefoot days, dirty hands, charcuterie boards, and community. 

If I was allowed only two words to build my entire career & brand on they would be:

H O N E S T  and  H U M A N . 

(because at the end of the day, all that really matters are those things)

living & telling honest stories.