sophie & yona

lately, i've been remembering. i've been revisiting motives, asking myself why i do what i do. going back to the reason i am in photography at all... my passion for my "job" (and lifestyle?) is rekindled by these questions. why DO i do photography? because i am so incredibly happy documenting moments. immensely blessed to take real-life-joyful-happenings and make them become forever-memories. 

i've been carrying my camera around extra lately.... because, why not? who cares if we aren't dressed up. who cares if it's too dark or (way too) bright to be shooting. who cares if the photos aren't in focus or perfect or whatever expectations people have. i didn't start in photography to only create picture-perfect scenes. i love photos, because i love memories, and because i LOVE people. i love laughter and joking around and being too silly and even just wandering the (really sad) places they've chopped down the forest (sigh). i love getting days like this into photographs.

there are way too many happy moments to document. in fact, some are wayy happier when i'm not behind a camera. but the truth is, i do love having my canon on me. i do love making some of these wonderful days last. i love blurred-joy and over-exposed fun and real-life-happenings and friendship. 

so here is to awesome sunday's with my german sisters, yona and sophie. you girls ROCK. i'm so glad you're in the awesome US of A. ;) 

x's & o's always from your fave american girlfriend & photographer. (hehe) <3