The Beginning Of This Series

at 19 years old I briefly tried a daily self portrait project that only made it about 50 days. but those are 50 really fun, vivid memories and I love looking back on those photos (especially the ones I did with siblings). I’ve let myself lose joy in taking photos just-for-me over the last two years... but I don’t want to miss capturing this young married season. so here we go again. starting a new self portrait project 3 months before our firstborn joins us. hoping that I’ll get in the practice of it so I can commit to a portrait every day with him for the first year of his life. I don’t want to make it unachievable, so these will be real life, as it truly is. sometimes that’ll be messes & unbrushed hair. sometimes it’ll be more put together. it’ll just be whatever it really is.


and today: 6 months pregnant. in the comfy clothes I took a nap in while Matthias worked with my brothers and dad. my back is killing me, but he gave me a massage this afternoon that helped a lot. byron & the kitty both love being near us, but they seem unsure about each other. we’ve all loved all the time we’ve spent sitting on the porch recently. listening to wind in the trees, the rain, reading near each other. life is slow right now, even with (especially with?) all the waiting... but we wouldn’t want it any differently