The Bailey's Bright & Summery Dallas Wedding

 Tyler and Andrew planned their wedding around ONE idea.... Getting married! They moved quickly so they could finally be husband & wife! (After nearly 5 years together!) Their big day was full of love & joy & was worth hurrying for!

Cool fact: Tyler was born a Bailey & then, obviously, married a Bailey! She was always meant to be his, apparently. (And yes, no worries, they checked & they aren't related. Phew!)
Tyler is actually my cousin, but we consider each other to be sisters. We grew up as BFF's and she lived with my family for a time. It was an honor of being Matron of Honor AND photographer! Goodness, talk about RUNNING around!!! It was a crazy day! (But not the first wedding I've had this sort of role, so I was prepared - at least as much as you can be for that sort of thing ;-))

Their full wedding gallery is HERE!


Stephanie Rogers Photography was my awesome sidekick and second for the day! She shot the ceremony and bridal party so I could be a part of it!